Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Busy Busy Week!

This week is going so fast. Saturday, Michele and I went to Scrapbookers Paradise to crop. I was asked to make 6 cards using MOXXIE papers. If I am posted anywhere, MOXXIE will pay me, if I enter any contests and am posted, they will pay me. Their pp collections are awesome. I chose a baby collection.

Monday I had to go to Rockside Road and meet the guys we are doing the Sportsman Show for and get the stuff for the booth. Larry has a large picture on the booth and my brother in law, David, and Larry have several pics in the photo albums!

Tuesday, I was supposed to go to dinner with my friends from Archiver's but didn't feel up to par and stayed home, I think I got chilled transferring all the stuff into my car on Mon.

Today, I met my friend Linda G. for lunch at Max & Irma's - we had a great time. Hopefully she will be coming over to make cards next week.

Tonight, I have my first meeting for our 45th Class Reunion.

I was supposed to go and help with crafts at Harvest Home but I cancelled for this month.

I love being busy but not quite this busy.

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