Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another busy week!

Today is such a lovely day, it is so nice and sunny but still chilly. Next Sunday we go into daylight savings time!

I have been trying to get my sample cards done to send to MOXXIE, have two completed so far, still a few to go but I do have the 3rd one sketched.

My cousin came over yesterday to create greatness and Friday I am meeting friends to crop at Archiver's. Friday I also take the dog for grooming. Today I had an opthamoligist appointment and my eyes are still dilated. They must use new drops these days. I can see to read and drive and before, I was half blind.

Have to package all the meat I bought at the meat sale the other day. Larry has to cut the steaks and chops when he gets home.

He may be getting laid off. We will know, hopefully, by next week.

That is all my "interesting?" news.

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