Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We are bracing for more winter weather starting today. We are to get several more inches of snow today and then again tonight. The wind is to really pick up and the wind chills will be VERY nippy. I plan on staying in until I leave to go to a three day crop this weekend. I think I need to eliminate much of what I take to the crop, I don't want to drag it all in the store with below zero wind chills!

Not much to share today other than I haven't left the house since last Monday. I have not been feeling up to par since that last episode with taking a pill that my body doesn't like. The time before, it took over a week to feel good again and it appears that will be the case with this episode. I am hardly eating because I keep getting so nauseous. I have lost several lbs.

Have a lovely day and look for some beauty in your world today.

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