Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beautiful Snow!!!!

The past two days we have been having pretty snow falls. Yesterday we received about 3" and today, so far - not even noon) we have received about another 3-4". The dog won't go off the deck, poor short legged basset hound would sink!!

I looked out at my bird feeder and I have 3 Cardinal families visiting. THAT is way cool!!! The grandparent Cardinals could care less but the sibling Cardinal is not happy seeing the other sibling couple. Just like most kids, they want what the other one has. It sure was lovely to see all that beauty against the falling snow. Of course, my camera was down in my workroom ):

I thank God for the beauty and peace of a Cardinal! Someday I will post what they mean to me, but that is another story.

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Linda said...

Sandee, that is so wonderful about your cardinal families. They are very strikingly beautiful birds and I look forward to hearing more of the story.